Why is Kalpitiya in Sri Lanka Craig Cunningham’s favourite spot?

Craig Cunningham

Craig Cunningham Bananaway Craig Cunningham, known as a kiter with serious skills in the kiteboarding world, described Sri Lanka as a flatwater paradise. And what else did he say?

“The easiest decision on the 5 Best Flatwater Kitesurfing Destinations list was to put this at the top spot. Kalpitiya really surprised me and is definitely my favorite flatwater spot in the world. Not only is there a two-kilometer long sand bar with straight offshore wind, but the wind is like a blow-dryer; it doesn’t get steadier than this. I had heard that Kalpitiya was a bit gusty but if you venture away from the main lagoon you can find flatwater and steady wind for days.”

The spot sound quite perfect, doesn’t it? It’s also perfectly safe for beginners because the lagoons are enclosed by sand and the flatwater spot with off-shore wind described by Craig can be reached by a boat that is always by our side during the downwind trip and can pick up any stray kiters.

Below is the link to his short video with a nice bird-eye view of the spot where we’ll kite in February.


Are you coming with us? Check out our offer and join us on our first trip to this flatwater paradise in February. Yes! 🙂


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