Paddle boarding Croatia

Paddle-boarding Croatia

With more than 128 square kilometres (49 square miles) of water, 5.600 kilometres (3.500 miles) of Mediteranean coastline and more than 1000 of beautiful islands Croatia is a diverse paddle boarding paradise!

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Croatia is located in Southeast Europe, most known for absolutlly stunning Plitvicka lakes and Krka falls, the highest number of UNESCO Intangible Goods in Europe, filming HBO series Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik and overall breathtaking Mediterranean coast.

Mediteranean coastline is main attraction in Croatia. The coast is mainly rocks, but islands (from which only 50 are inhabited) will quickly your heart with it’s extreme diversity. Some are all green and calming creating a relaxed athmosphere with a pine trees. Others are totally deserted, but charming. But wheather you are looking for sandy, scenic, romantic, hidden and pure natural beach, it is out there and you can discover it with your SUP!

While paddle boarding along the Croatian coast, you will be overwhelmed by playful beaches, high cliffs, old towns with ruins of the Roman empire and even very turquoise bays. But what we like the most is crystal clear sea, so clean, you will want to jump in the sea several times a day (while paddling)!!

Our favorite paddle boarding locations in Croatia:

  1. Kornati islands
  2. Brioni islands
  3. Telascica Natural park
  4. Zrmanja river
  5. Neretva
  6. Limski Channel
  7. Mljet
  8. Cetina River

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Paddleboarding hollidays Croatia


Along the Adriatic coast the climate on the coast is Mediterranean, which means warm dry summers (25-35 degrees) and mild winters (10-20 degrees).

The central part of the country has a continental climate with hot summers (30-40 degrees) and cold, snowy winters (-10 -+5 degrees).

In spring and outumn local winds are quite common, so the best time to take paddle boarding holidays is summer for sure.


Paddle boarding scene is Croatia is not quite developed, which means you can not simply rent a SUP anywhere on the beach. We suggest you to bring your own inflatable sup boards or join an organized SUP tour with us and explore what has been relatively undiscovered.


SUP and Sail Safari is 7 days long sailing trip which is dedicated to paddle boarding and will take you to selected  beautiful beaches in middle Adriatic see. Will will paddle throught national parks Kornati and Telascica, jump into light blue Sakarun bay, make SUP fit workout in secret green bay, visit Šibenik town nad stunning Krka waterfalls. What we like the most is that plan is not definite – our professional skipper adjust the trip to weather forecast, so every time we discover some new SUP spot.

How your perfect paddle boarding holidays in Croatia look like? Check the video below. 😉

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