We recommend the SUP course to anyone who feels very tempted by SUPing, wants to see if it’s something they like and find out everything there is to know about it. The content of the course is very informative and packed with technical details. It will improve the experience of everyone who already did the first paddles and was so excited about the activity that they wish to do it regularly and professionally.


Then let us teach you everything there is to know about SUPing, one of the fastest growing water sports in the world! After the SUP course, you will be able to confidently SUP in closed waters , such as lakes, stagnant rivers and small bays, and also in open waters, for example in bigger lakes and oceans where we can go as far as 1km off the coast.

In the first part of the SUP course, which is carried out on land, we:

  • learn different parts and functions of the SUP equipment (SUP, paddle, leash, safety gear) and point out the details we need to take into account when selecting our own equipment;
  • find out what spots and entry points are most suitable for SUPing;
  • learn how to recognise dangers and circumstances when we have to refrain from SUPing;
  • identify crisis situations in closed and open waters and explain how to solve them (the self-rescue technique);
  • carefully analyse the steps how to stand up on an SUP board, show how to correctly hold a paddle and demonstrate the perfect paddling technique;
  • highlight the most common SUPing mistakes and injuries that can occur due to an incorrect SUPing technique;
  • inform you about our responsibility towards the environment and society.

Then, the fun part starts and we’ll test the newly acquired theoretical knowledge in practice. You’ll learn how to keep your balance, paddle correctly, be in full control of the SUP and do several different turns. We’ll show you how to correctly fall from the board, stand up on it again and the easiest way to step off the board. We’ll observe your paddling and perfect all the moves and technique. And then we’ll SUP as much as possible and you’ll be able to practice on your own. The perfect technique is not something we learn over night but requires plenty practice.

Bananaway SUP instructors hold the internationally recognised ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors) SUP licence and the course follows guidelines and methods that were designed by Australian SUP-ing and surfing champions and based on many years of their experience.

Don’t let the crisp spring or autumn days put you off SUPing because we can easily find you a short wetsuit!  😉

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Miljana Picek about the course:

I love SUPing! It’s definitely worth to do the course and get to know all the little details that look so easy at first. If I’d try to climb on an SUP on my own, I’d probably end up in the water. So, I can’t recommend this course enough!

Andreja Pockaj about the course:

Before I decided to do the course, I already had a couple of kilometres on an SUP under my belt. Until then, I paddled the best I could, but without the right technique and I lacked the knowledge on how to steer the board. In many situations, which we encounter during SUPing, it’s important that we know how to control the SUP and not let the SUP control us. This is why I decided to do the course and it gave me exactly what I wanted – the right SUPing technique and confidence that is very important in this seemingly easy sport.