Why do we use Red Paddle inflatable sups?

In the wide variety of the inflatable sups now available on the market there are also many different information about which one to pick and why.

For us the quality is the most important factor in picking the brand and the technologies we are comfortable sticking with and recommending to our friends and customers.

SUP Bled

How did it all start? 

It’s been more than 6 years ago when sup raised some eyebrows in Slovenia. We were asked numerous times how we can “walk on water”. Nowadays sup is getting more and more popular in Slovenia. We run sup tours for locals and turists willing to explore sights off beaten path. After getting to know the importance of the correct paddling more and more people are joining us on the courses.


Red Paddle is known brand due to being one of the first to enter the market of the inflatable sups when the whole scene was just starting to develop. Making sups for more than 10 years makes them one of the most pursuant brands.

Bananaway shop - specializirana trgovina za supanje v Ljubljani

We have been testing many brands before sticking with Red Paddle. One of the key points in picking is the fact that they make the most durable boards which perform great on tours and courses.

So what convinced us?

Since the start they have been triumphing in the pioneering the inflatable sup technologies. In those years they have developed a wide variety of patents and technologies that are one of the most innovative on the market.

the technologies that distinguish

The technologies that simplified and made experience of paddling even more enjoyable are:

  • MSL fusion technology: it’s a detailed technology that bypassed the single and double layer boards with machine laminating the layers together which makes the boards lighter, more stable, stiffer at lower pressures, more durable and superbly looking.

  • Tec Air – highest quality drop stitch helps the board’s stiffness. It is achieved with weaving the inner core. Every dimple on the surface of the boards holds a thread that fixates the paddler on the surface of the water with less effort.

  • RSS – Rocker Stiffening System is a patent that helps board to stiffen up even more. Two battens are inserted into the pockets individually laminated onto the sides of the board. It makes the board up to 40% stiffer.

  •  Double Titan pump – the technologies are not linked only to the boards itself. The Double titan pump are simplifying and shortening the time from unfolding the board to have it inflated and set up for a paddling session with double cylinder.


There are plenty of heavy users out there but the business we run request that during the season sups are used few times a day. Which is a lot! And after the season the boards still look as good as new.


Since our sup travels include a wide variety of locations like Philippines, Brazil, Thailand and all the neighbouring countries we got all hyped when they introduced Compact board which is perfect for weekend escapes and for every traveler who wants to travel as light as possible. The introduction of the Compact is so special due to the fact that the development of the boards runs on with an idea of the most valuable features that users wish to incorporate with their favourite sport gear.

s supom na vlak


Constant innovation is what drive us as well, preparing the best programmes for our costumers. Red Paddle is best partner in crime since it has never let us down. We love working with a team creating the brand and being. We keep contact and give constant feedback with what are our wishes, desires and ideas. We keep in touch via social media and they are in contact with our community of stand up paddlers and together we are bundled into one big family.

Red paddle sup deske

our seal of approval!

So if you are keen to pick an inflatable stand up paddle board we root for Red Paddle. Gear you use will define how enjoyable the sport will be so make sure you check it before deciding.

Happy paddling! And don’t forget that if you ever need any help of advice we will be more than happy to assist you 🙂

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