Planning a trip to Slovenia? Add some excitement to your journey with a short SUP adventure!

Voted Best Summer Tour, a Bananaway SUP tour is a different way to explore the popular sights in Ljubljana, Bled, or Soča. You’ll have a refreshing and relaxing time paddleboarding around and discovering these amazing places!

Slovenia is a Paddleboarding Paradise

Slovenia is a small but surprisingly diverse country with so many exploring opportunities! As one of Europe’s greenest countries, Slovenia is covered with nearly 60% forests and 30 000 km of rivers. We can confidently say it’s a Paddleboarding Paradise!

From beautiful Ljubljana to the emerald-green Soča River or the famous lake Bled you’ll definitely find an amazing paddleboarding spot. Your next SUP Adventure is awaiting you!

SUP Slovenia or Croatia?

Paddleboarding in Slovenia is the way to go! This is such a stunning country, with endless opportunities for stand-up paddleboarding. You can enjoy safe waters on endless rivers and lakes, as well as on the beautiful Adriatic coastline.

You won’t get tired of Slovenian scenery. From Beautiful mountains such as Mt Triglav reflecting in the crystal-clear waters, or typical architecture during urban tours, experience the most amazing landscapes! SUP Slovenia is a must-do activity if you’re looking for a memorable outdoor adventure.

The most popular places for paddleboarding are Ljubljana, Bled, Bohinj, Soča river, or even Piran. Would you like to discover greener, wilder, and calmer destinations? Join us on multiple days SUP expeditions and enjoy Slovenian hidden gems!

SUP adventures take you off the beaten path

Paddleboarding is the best way to get away from crowds and experience the water in a unique way. SUP Adventures are eco-friendly. They allow you to go off the beaten path, leaving no trace and without disturbing the ecosystem. Caring for the environment is part of our DNA!

You’ll feel privileged, experiencing nature and the surroundings in a peaceful and relaxing way. Paddleboarding helps you forget your daily life troubles as you quietly glide across the water, reconnecting to nature and to yourself… Open your eyes, awaken your sense, you might be surprised!

Adventurers, seeking off-the-beaten-path experiences, SUP Adventures are made for you!

Get the paddleboarding experience you deserve!

At Bananaway, safety is our number one priority! Whether you choose a short or multiple days paddleboarding experience, our certified SUP instructors will take good care of you. They will adapt SUP adventure to your needs and will make sure you have a smooth and unforgettable paddleboarding experience.


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